Katt Williams Wife Speaks Out

Posted: October 18, 2011 in Celebrity News

For Interviews: Fireflythebeauty@yahoo.com

There comes a time, when the “laughing stock” runs out, and its not all fun and games anymore!- Eboni Gray

The wife of popular actor/comedian, Katt Williams, has recently surfaced, eager to tell her side of the story.

With all the negative press and ongoing legal issues that follow the comedian, Eboni explains how foul play is funneled from the inside out. Katt Williams, like any other celebrity, has an entourage of women who follow him around while assuming business responsibilities such as booking, management, public relations efforts, etc.

What differentiates this entourage from the rest? The underlying fact that Katt Williams is a self-proclaimed “Pimp.” His women are trained to do as he says, and NOT as he does. This began to create a hostile work environment for the comedian and his main lady. Eboni, more commonly known as “Firefly” entered into a “civil union” of sort with Katt in February in 2010.

As newlyweds, Eboni and Katt went on the road together. Their plans were to travel to Haiti and lend helping hands towards the devastation due to Hurricane Irene. The trip was cut short after she and the rest of the entourage were arrested in Tijuana, Mexico. The charges involved firearms and ammunition concealed on Katt’s production vehicle. Although, the charges against “Firefly” were dropped, it seems that trouble was always a punch line away.

The comedian and his women were apprehended once again in June 2011. In between dates on Katt’s tour, they occupied one of his rental properties in Palmdale, Ca. The hired help arrived with his tractor to do landscaping work for the owner. He began the job prematurely, without allowing Katt and other occupants to clear the way. This put Katt and the others in extreme danger, resulting in the outrageous actions from everyone in the path of the crazed tractor driver. Charges against the comedian were rejected by the District Attorney, however, his wife’s assault charges are still pending in L.A. County.With Firefly launching her career as a fire spinner, she exited this joke of a lifestyle, in hopes to regroup and find help for her sinking husband. “Pitch this as an intervention,” says Eboni, still filled with faith that her marriage is salvageable. Eboni plans to speak to the urban community, while Katt wraps up the second leg of his tour.



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